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How to Build a Billion (or Multi-Million) Dollar Empire

After spending hours listening to the story of Reginald F Lewis and watching lots of interviews about the American pioneer, I thought it was imperative to take notes and summarize my findings. To provide a background on who Reginald Lewis was before his death on January 13, 1993, he was the first African American to build a billion-dollar company called TLC Beatrice International Holdings. Reginal Lewis was also a freedom fighter who used his personal wealth to fund various political campaigns that stood for justice and true impactful meaning. Reginald wrote the book called "Why should white guys have all the fun?" You can purchase the book on Amazon if interested - it was a good read. Here are my takeaways from the life of Reginald Lewis on how to build a billion-dollar empire:
1. Determination and Hardwork:
“Keep going, no matter what.” Reginald Lewis was known for these words. He was a tenacious individual who always strived to do his best when it came to his passions in bo…

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