Living It Up: Mid-Year Vacation Recap

To continue this blog series, I will discuss the importance of taking a trip for vacation. I recently decided to take vacation right before being given a promotion at work. I was ecstatic for the promotion and excited to go on this trip to relax. Taking pride in the process, working full-time while getting a masters degree part-time, with final exams the weekend before the vacation week, I decided that it was a perfect time to go on my first vacation of the year! I encourage those who have not taken one this year to seize the summer as a good time to take one.

On my first day, I decided to play in a soccer tournament. Being a former collegiate soccer player this was right up my alley. We played in the soccer tournament for six hours straight. The tournament started at 7 PM and ended at 3 AM. It was extremely exciting and fun. The next day, I repeated the same thing but this time played at 12 noon which was close to being the hottest part of the day. Now, call me crazy but that was so much fun, that I would do it again. The next few days were spent visiting the science museum and the arts and crafts museum where we went sight-seeing. There was a particular painting that I thought was extremely inspiring. It reminded me of JFK during the Apollo days of making the decision to go to the moon. The quote serves as an inspiration to all to try harder in order to achieve goals we have set for ourselves.

The next day was spent having dinner and a fun game night where we shared laughs and bonded over dinner. Later on that weekend, we got involved in a tour of the Tesla models since I am such a big fan of Elon, who happens to be an INTJ based on his personality type. The vacation ended by visiting different bars and events downtown. We had lots of good food, which was “yummy”, and I can look back saying it was well worth it!

I am back and fully recharged and will be releasing a more financial-oriented blog post in the next few days. It has been a great past three months and the trip will be one of the many epic experiences that will be remembered in the future. I recommend that everyone go on vacation at least once a year to create an experience and also to recharge. Spending time with friends and family is a priority in life. Given that this is a financial blog, the entire trip ended up being at an extremely attractive cost, but I won’t be going into details on that since it is not the main point of this particular post!


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