Move Over Robinhood.. Here comes WeBull

Gone are the days where zero-commission trading was not the norm. Robinhood, a zero-commission trading platform pioneered zero-commission trading and many have followed suite including M1 Finance. 
Another, up and coming zero-commission trading platform new to the market is Webull and it has a lot to offer that users would be happy to know about.

Webull Financial LLC is a registered broker located in New York City. The firm is a member of the SIPC which protects its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 cash). The platform offers zero-commission trading similar to Robinhood as well as real-time market data and after-hours trading. There is no minimum to open an account with the firm.

The main benefit Webull offers are its real-time market data and the plethora of financial information they provide on each stock. I tend to think of Webull as a research engine backed with zero-commission trading. Some of the research features offered by the platform are income, balance sheet, and cash flow statements as well as a peer comparison rank of the company’s earnings per share, debt to asset ratio, price to earnings ratio, and return on equity among other things.

Currently, Webull can be accessed through the Apple app store and Google Play store.


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