The American Dream is Alive and Well

To mark July 4th Independence Day, I thought it would be enlightening to share a guest post of an individual that exemplifies and embodies what the American Dream really is and dispute all the naysayers who claim that the American Dream no longer exist.
Here is a story of an immigrant who arrived in the United States almost 10 years ago in his teens. He came to this country with his sibling on a 15+ hour flight. He moved from one single parent home to another single parent home.
After arrival to the United States and touching down in the land of opportunities, he wondered what next since he had nothing (literally nothing) to his name. The next logical thing to do was to attend college. He was able to start school immediately after passing the entrance exam in flying colors. One thing he always had going for him was hard work and resilience. Starting off, he had to take on student loans as most people. He was able to use the loans to fund his education for some years and then he started applying to scholarships and fortunately was able to be awarded some. In 10 years, he has been able to increase his income from $0 to over $200,000 as well as increase his net worth from a negative value to seven figures.
How did he do all this? Perseverance, hard work, curiosity, and the openness to ideas were the key ingredients. Financially, he acquired assets including real estate, stocks, bonds, and hard money loans that generate monthly income that fully self funds his expenses without having to dip into his regular or side income. This is the definition of financial independence. When passive income is far greater than expenses then one can truly claim financial freedom and sit-back to enjoy the fruits of ones labor. This immigrant who is now a full citizen of the United States with zero debt and has had a great career so far is an example of what the land of opportunity can provide to those that really strive for success. As we all celebrate July 4th, we should all remind ourselves that the American dream is alive and well.
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